Nevadaland-näytelmä on syntynyt kolmen Pohjoismaan yhteistuotantona. Suomen Nuori Näyttämö -hanke, Ruotsin LÄNK-hanke ja Norjan Den Unge Scenen tuoteuttavat samaa nuorten ja ammattilaisten yhteistä teatterikonseptia omissa maissaan.

Hankkeiden ensimmäinen isompi yhteistyö, näytelmävaihdon lisäksi, on Tampereella ensi-iltansa saava Nevadaland-esitys. Esityksessä on nuoria näyttelijöitä näistä Pohjoismaista, yhteensä 15 henkeä.

Näytelmän esittely

The Nordic countries have co-founded a new nation: Nevadaland. Nevadaland is blooming compared to the rest of the slowly collapsing world, that has become uninhabitable Westland. To make the growth and welfare a status quo Nevadaland has built a wall around it, enclosing itself with the riches of the nature, technology and knowledge. The management has promised to enlarge the nation and help the rest of the world, when the time will be right for it. But will they keep the promise? More and more people get anxious to get inside the paradise-nation and confrontations between outsiders trying to get into Nevadaland and the Nevadaland Wasteland patrol, guarding the wall surrounding Nevadaland, become more and more common. Inside Nevadaland the management struggles with power battles, leadership, inner-hierarchies, and questions of appeal and transparency to the outside. The habitants of Nevadaland struggle with the same questions that every human does, longing for acceptance, love, safety, meaning and a social status. What do you do when you have to choose between your on privileged position and a strangers rights? Nevadaland examines privilege, barriers, rights and what makes people think they deserve more than other people.

Esityskieli englanti.

Ohjaus: Topi Marin
Valot: Heikki Tavilampi
Skenografia: Jaana Pitkänen
Äänet: Antti Kainulainen
Tuottaja: Sunna Maijala

Pohjoismainen yhteistyö:
Nuori Näyttämö, Suomi
LÄNK, Ruotsi
DUS, Norja


La 4.8. klo 20.00 Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri (ensi-ilta)
Su 5.8. klo 11.00 Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri


Agate Øksendal Kaupang (1993) is a Norwegian born author and playwright. She has written two plays for young adults in the realistic drama genre: “Mozart in Mogadishu” and “Tabula Rasa”. Among her published work are also two monologues and a novel, “Hold your breath” for which she was awarded the Sørlandets literature prize.

Felicia Ohly (1989) is a Swedish playwright. She is the initiator of the free-based group Donna Donna Theatre, who are currently touring with two of her pieces: ”Royals” and ”Dom ska hitta oss tillsammans” (”They will find us here together”). Felicia also works as a dramaturg at Malmö City Theatre.

Otto Sandqvist (1990) is a Finnish bilingual dramaturg and playwright. His currently interested in redefining the form and gesture of the play, using exhibition, installation and score forms and through playing with game- and postinternet- dramaturgies. In his writing Sandqvist combines drama with elements from contemporary performance and visual arts.